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This is a space where I can reflect on the many fascinating things that I experience. Some of the things I brush with are Culture with a capital C. Others are just intriguing moments. Sometimes I am brushing with these moments in a hurry. This is a chance to relive those moments in tranquility. These are the stories I tell myself in those quieter moments.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Further Word on GC

I am not alone in the admiration I feel for the rebellious Mr Clooney and the only thing that would console us for the loss of his talents both in front and behind the camera would be the prospect that he would take the job at the White House when Dubya is through. A friend tells me that the only shortcoming identified by the many people who will never elect him, partly because we live in England and partly because he doesn't seem keen to stand, is that he cannot commit romantically. Well, personally I've never seen anything wrong in that, and the same friend who tells me of this inconstancy considers it a positive virtue:

'It means that I am in with a chance of dating George Clooney...'

'But it wouldn't last.'

'It doesn't matter: I could go to my death having dated George Clooney.'

Hmmm. I take another mouthful of camomile tea and the windows of the Tooting cafe in which we sit steam up for a moment at the prospect.


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