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This is a space where I can reflect on the many fascinating things that I experience. Some of the things I brush with are Culture with a capital C. Others are just intriguing moments. Sometimes I am brushing with these moments in a hurry. This is a chance to relive those moments in tranquility. These are the stories I tell myself in those quieter moments.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Good Night and Good Film

"Movies have the power to inspire. You have the power to act. Participate." says the Report It Now site, launched in the wake of "Good Night and Good Luck". Quite right. It is a film to inspire. We left the cinema this evening with stars in our eyes, approval in our hearts and consoled that George Clooney is prepared to give up acting to stand behind the camera. In fact, I think I've just become a George Clooney fan.

This was intelligent in every dimension: black and white photography that made faces interesting and a cast that was interesting to look at anyway and the first film I've seen where Robert Downey Jnr didn't act everyone else into a shopping trolley, because everyone else could hold their own. The story was good and talking heads never more compelling; with a balanced attack, a superb integration of history and a strong and enduring point. How nice to sit and recognise a moral one can rally round; at a time when it is not only the American press that looks a tad compliant and obsessed with the picayune. A PG certificate makes it inclusive... Oh, even the music... super cool jazz that was never quite part of the story, nor wholly outside it; and the fabbiest singer.

One of the best films I've ever seen? But I would say that: I'm a journalist. I'm in love.


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