Brushes with Culture

This is a space where I can reflect on the many fascinating things that I experience. Some of the things I brush with are Culture with a capital C. Others are just intriguing moments. Sometimes I am brushing with these moments in a hurry. This is a chance to relive those moments in tranquility. These are the stories I tell myself in those quieter moments.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Permission Given

These are the signs that I captured on my trip because they were delightfully affirmative.

The first appears in the Botanical Gardens in Sydney and is so encouraging that not only does one walk on the grass, one nearly joins the Friends of the Gardens too.

The second was more informal. It appeared in Christchurch, at the Art Centre Craft Market amid some copper fishes for sale.

The last picture here is included only because it is so silly. It's the note on the office door at the back of a nice bookshop in Oxford Street, Sydney (though not my beloved Ariel). The toilet is indeed 'over there'.

Bonus incidental additions to the pictures... the shadow of a tree and the reflection of strip lighting. Shows it was all my own work.


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