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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Official: London's Worst Building is in Colliers Wood

A long time ago now (well, Dec 2005, see the entry on Demolition here), the Tower, or the Brown and Root Tower as we knew it, was voted into the top 10 of buildings that Britons would most like to demolish.

This month, Londoners have voted it the most loathed building in London. 52% of voters in BBC London's poll for Architecture Week - which I singly haven't been a part of despite reading the events on the website and using rather a neat summary mechanism for sending a potential itinerary to my inbox - chose the Colliers Wood monstrosity. Though, as one person commented on The Londonist's reaction piece, most north Londoners don't even know that there is life beyond Clapham, let alone tall buildings. No matter. Those who have seen it have been sufficiently scarred.

I'm proud of our new distinction. The Tower was amongst some illustrious company: The Tower Hotel by Tower Bridge; the Southbank Centre; The Swiss Re HQ (ie The Gherkin); and Centrepoint. However, when you read that only 512 votes were cast, it feels less like "London speaks..." and more like the work of my mate from the Tooting borders on a day when she was bored. Only 265 clicks...


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